September 14th

About the Festival

Distrito Music Fest is the premier Hispanic American original music festival in the Nation’s Capital, featuring the best regional, national, and international original acts in celebration of Hispanic heritage and cultural diversity.

Unlike other festivals, Distrito Music Fest was conceived by artists and for artists, with the goal of providing original Hispanic American music a much needed, dignified paid platform to perform, while reenergizing the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) original music scene and beyond.

Distrito Music Fest is much more than a paid performance; in the weeks leading to the event the selected artists are immersed in a series of interviews, articles, and mentions through a multitude of media partners and influencers, offering them tremendous exposure and a great way to increase their visibility.

Additionally, DMF provides all participating artists with a set of professional pictures and a multi-track audio recording of their live performance.

This is why we’ve always considered DMF a reward for the best, hardest-working artists in the region!

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How do I get to play DMF?

In addition to featuring iconic and renowned international acts, Distrito Music Fest has an easy, open application process for anyone interested, all artists welcome!

Once the application process ends, a committee of industry experts and artists carefully combs through the applicants, identifying the artists that demonstrate the best body of work. This includes recordings, live shows, activity levels, and media presence since the last festival.

What are the requirements to apply for DMF?

1) Artist needs to write, perform, and record mostly original music.

2) At least one (1) band member must have Hispanic heritage.

3) Artist must be based in the United States of America and currently active.

While not a requirement, artists that write, perform, or record at least some of their material in Spanish receive extra consideration!

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